RSS/Atom feed aggregator for Haiku.
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A simple RSS/Atom feed aggregator for Haiku.

The Main Window

Feed entries in Tracker

Pogger works vaguely similarly to the mail service― you configure it, add your subscriptions, and forget about it. New entries for your feeds will be dumped into your feeds folder.

It works best for news or blog feeds, podcasts and the sort work better on BePodder.


Whenever a subscribed feed is updated, "feed entry" files are dumped into your feeds folder, /boot/home/feeds/ by default. They have the attributes you might expect― URL of the entry, the title, source, time posted, etc. The file contains the contents of that entry, if any were provided.

It's recommended to use Pogger to open these files, instead of directly using a web-browser. This'll smooth out any incompatibilities and make sure entries are opened just how you like them― as the downloaded HTML, or as a URL.

By default, it will open entries as URLs with WebPositive.


In the "Feeds" tab you can manage your subscribed feeds, and see the progress of the current update. Feeds that failed to update are marked with an "X" in their row.


In "Entries" you can change your feed folder and how Pogger will handle the opening of feed entries.


In "Updates" you can toggle notifications and set the frequency of updates.


$ make; make -f Makefile-Daemon

$ make bindcatalogs; make -f Makefile-Daemon bindcatalogs

Uses netservices, and has TinyXML2 as a dependency.


This project is under the MIT license.